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Zero Waste Workshop

Chef Elliott Van de Velde

"Taste the waste"

This in-depth Masterclass is all about equipping you with the skills to become zero-waste.

We will go into depth about how to buy, store, cook and preserve food and prepare 3 zero-waste dishes - think pickled vegetables, rainbow chard chips and leafy greens pesto.

Learn how to love your leftovers & give them that funny twist to surprise your friends! We provide the jars, produce and ingredients. Recipes will be put online and sent around after the workshop.

We will take the time at the end for an apéro all together including other special zero waste creations from our Chefs!


Tickets cost: 50€ per person and includes a glass of wine, the class, 3x jars of preserves for you to take home & a dinner via a selection of unique tastings made by our Chefs.

Our Masterclass series is designed to help people learn new skills in the kitchen affordably, all while learning about seasonality, local food and connecting to the community.



Full Circle is thrilled to partner with Elliott Van de Velde and the Hearth Project. 

Hearth Project sets professional chefs the challenge of cooking a full gourmet dinner from food surplus. Their challenge -  to get out of their usual style, to develop a menu in barely three days & to value ingredients that they are not used to working with.

They turn peelings into powders and fish trimmings into mousse proving that there is no excuse for discarding nearly one third of food production globally.

We often hear about food waste at home but we hear less about the enormous food surpluses in the HORECA  sector which challenge chefs to reinvent themselves and their ingredients. Experience it in action at Full Circle.  


18 Nov 2020

7:00-9:30 PM

  • Registration is compulsory
  • Members: 50€
  • Non-members: 55€

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