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Gabriella Coleman

[e-salon]: Anonymous vs the Alt RIght

Today’s “alt” or “far right” is a loose coalition of internet trolls, white nationalists and other transgressors. They have become a subject of intense scrutiny for their astute use of digital communications to recruit new participants, manipulate the news narrative, and nurture political movements in support of populists’ agendas. Some critics compare this movement to one that emerged 6 years ago: Anonymous, the hacktivist collective that captured news headlines for its computer hacking sprees and vigilante justice operations. Coleman will delve into the differences and similarities between Anonymous and the Alt Right, showing what we can learn about the importance of the online world for the political movements of today.


09 Feb 2021

7.00 - 8.30pm

This is an online only event. 

Virtual doors 6.45 pm, speaker starts at 7pm.

Registration link available in the confirmation email.

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